Black Ribbed Long Sleeve

Ribbed Long Sleeve 

These cold winter days are upon us so Wahine Toa presents our ribbed long sleeve to help reduce that cold chill. Our long sleeve features our slick thumb holes and ta moko placed on our left wrist representing our feminine energy (right side of our tinana is our masculine side)

Also featuring breathable weaved straps on the back view, we love our details!

Enhanced with removable Bra inserts, sweat resistant fabric and a  4-way stretch.

Sizes: Please go by your shirt size as we have created our own sizing guide. We understand women's bodies aren't created equal and not every BODY fits a perfect size guide, so we have designed 5 unique sizes

Check the size guide here: 

Size  NZ Sizing 
SMALL 8-10
XL-2XL 16-18
3XL-4XL 20-22
5XL-6XL 24-26


Model sizes:

Model wears Small-Med 

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